Health Coaches

A Comprehensive Approach

Overall health is vital to any true athlete. Physical training for your sport is only half the battle. Improper eating, sleeping, stretching, etc. can make all the difference. A qualified health coach can put you on the right track to ensure a complete health plan is in place as well as coaching you cope with the stress. Being physically and mentally prepared is key for any athlete to push forward and continue in their pursuit. See below for some of the best online health coaches available.


Fuel Your Athletic Performance

Figuring out your nutritional needs as an athlete is extremely time-consuming, frustrating, and might not be right for you. The only way to ensure your nutritional needs are met is to consult with a professional nutritionist to build your personalized plan. Trial-and-error and other cost-saving methods usually prove to be more expensive in the end. A nutrition professional can advise you on eating plans build specifically for your body and physical situation. You can get the same advice as top-level professional athletes at a fraction of the cost. Athletes have enough on their mind without trying to measure out every serving and counting grams of protein in each meal. See below for some of the best online nutritionists available.

Physical Therapists

Optimizing Athletic Performance

Most people only think of physical therapy as something prescribed to help them recover from an injury or surgery. While recovery is usually the main objective, a good physical therapist will also teach you about body mechanics and which movements to be avoided to not risk repeated injury. Not only can they create a plan to get you back to playing condition, they can also formulate a preventative plan to focus on specific movements and the right exercises to improve your strength and flexibility – specific to your sport. See below for some of the best physical therapists available.

Athletic Trainers

Maximize Your Potential

Personal trainers are great for motivating you and providing the correct exercises to improve your health and get you in your best shape. But you might need someone who has knowledge and experience training athletes in your specific sport. Specific-sport training focuses on certain muscle groups needed to excel in that sport. Going to the gym and doing all the same basic moves usually won’t be enough for the athlete looking to achieve their goals. See below for some of the best trainers available.