How Athletes Can Optimize Their Game Preparation

Preparing for Peak Performance: How Athletes Can Optimize Their Game Preparation Regardless of their sport, athletes strive for peak performance during games and practices. Preparation goes beyond physical training; it encompasses mental readiness, nutrition, recovery, and strategic planning. Here’s an itemized guide on how athletes can better prepare themselves:   Physical Conditioning Tailored Training Regimen: […]

Sharpen Your Focus: Tips to Becoming a Zen Athlete

Being an athlete requires peak physical performance, but mental focus is equally important. Distractions can disrupt your training, practice and game-day performance. Here are some simple tips to become a more focused athlete and enter a zone of laser-sharp concentration:   Craft Your Performance Bubble: Imagine an invisible bubble surrounding you during practice or competition. […]

What can a Physical Therapist do for me?

Anyone from professional athletes to elementary school soccer players can benefit from sports medicine physical therapy. Most people only think of PT as assisting athletes in recovering and regaining strength, but it can also help prevent injury in the first place.  Sports Medicine Physical Therapists who are board-certified sports clinical specialists (SCS) through the American Physical […]

How to Eat for Better Emotional Health

Health experts warn that a lingering effect of the coronavirus pandemic could be a mental health crisis. While therapy and medications for stress and anxiety are often necessary, the foods you eat can also play a role in your well-being. An American Psychiatric Association poll released in March found that 36% of Americans felt the […]

Why Breathwork Matters in Your Workout

It can be hard to work out with so many distractions and difficulties keeping us from the gym. When we are able to work out, focusing on the exercise and blocking out distractions can be even harder. Too often, we power through a workout and check it off the list without thinking about how to […]

Muscle Confusion: Myth and Science

Maybe you’ve reached a plateau in your workout. Or maybe your fitness goals seem to stay just out of reach. You’ve heard about “muscle confusion” and think that might be the answer to your problem. Jeff Monaco, director of education for Gold’s Gym, sees people get that idea all the time. But the phrase “muscle […]